A Gluten Free Non-Dairy Online Bakery: All Ingredients are Gluten Free & Non-Dairy.

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Homemade Specialty baked goods using only Gluten Free and Non-Dairy Ingredients.  Being personally gluten and lactose intolerant, care is taken to maintain the integrity of the ingredients through separation and cleaning. 

Biodegradable and recyclable packaging used. 

For peace of mind and for those with Celiac, food allergen Test kits such as EZ Gluten can be very helpful. 

EZ Gluten Food Allergy Test Kits

Our Story

A love of food, an understanding for the need of naturally derived ingredients, and the undiscerning nature of circumstance ashored this little bakery into a community of artisan filled Farmers Markets.


Our Mission

To bring to the Gluten and Dairy intolerant food lover, as well as all other food lovers, the pleasures of naturally derived and traditionally made baked goods - simply without gluten or dairy. 

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Email: 7muffinsaday@gmail.com Phone: 571-349-0662

Limited delivery area in Virginia - please contact us to confirm if a delivery can be made or if shipping is best. 

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